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Christmas Cactus on Table

Give Coffee to a Christmas CactusThis is a page about giving coffee to a Christmas cactus. Coffee is a trusted secret that many people use to keep their Christmas cactus healthy and blooming each year. Just make sure its plain black coffee.


Spooning coffee ground into a plants soil.

Plants That Like Coffee GroundsMany plants thrive in soil rich in nitrogen. As they decompose, coffee grounds release nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals. This is a page about plants that like coffee grounds.


An amaryllis with an unopened bud.

Amaryllis Not BloomingAmaryllis are grown for their beautiful multiple blooms. When they don't flower it is very disappointing. This is a page about amaryllis not blooming.


Bee on Hummingbird Feeder

Keeping Bees Out of a Hummingbird FeederBees and hummingbirds are often found in the same places in your garden. However, if you are putting out food for the hummingbirds it can attract an unwanted amount of bees. This is a page about keeping bees out of your hummingbird feeder.


A potted citrus plant with lots of fruit.

Using Coffee Grounds for Citrus Trees?Citrus trees grow well when fed with used coffee grounds. Care should be taken as it is possible to make the soil too acidic and that might cause issues. Citrus grows best at a soil pH of 6.5.


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Burning Off Grass to Make It Greener?My friend's dad just burned the grass in his yard, the front and back. He said that it will make his grass grow back greener? Is that true? I've seen people do this, but never knew why.


Avocado with dying leaves.

Avocado Trees Losing Leaves?There are a number of reasons your avocado tree may lose its leaves, from pests to lack of nutrients. This is a page about avocado trees losing leaves.


Ligularia "Tractor Seat Plant"

Growing a "Tractor Seat Plant" (Ligularia)?This Australian native is also known as the tractor seat plant, Ligularia is grown for its attractive foliage. This page contains information about growing a "tractor seat plant" (Ligularia).


A rain barrel hooked up to a down spout.

Frugal Gardening TipsThis is a page about frugal gardening tips. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful and bountiful garden.


Butterfly Eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?Identifying insect eggs, whether in your home or garden, can help you decide whether they are harmful or beneficial. This is a page about identifying insect eggs.


Island Garden Bed

Designing an Island Garden BedThis is a page about designing an island garden bed. An island garden bed can be the showcase of your yard, but because of its 360 degree visibility it may required some careful planning.


An amaryllis with green leaves growing.

Amaryllis Leaves Stopped Growing?If your amaryllis leaf growth comes to a halt, you might need to confirm that the plant is getting the right amount of sunlight, warmth, water, and fertilizer. This is a page about amaryllis leaves stopped growing.



A beautifully landscaped garden.

Landscape Fabric Alternatives?There are lots of substances that can block weeds in lieu of landscape fabric. This page has advice for landscape fabric alternatives.


Pink Christmas Cactus

Getting a Christmas Cactus to BloomYou have a beautiful green Christmas cactus, but sadly, no blooms. This is a page about getting a Christmas cactus to bloom.


A pathway covered in sawdust.

Using Sawdust in Your GardenAdding sawdust to your garden can produce some benefits. This page is about using sawdust in your garden.


Picture of garden mulch.

Getting Rid of Mold on Mulch?This is a page for getting rid of mold on mulch. When the air gets humid, mold can begin to grow on your mulch.


Droopy Peace Lily

Droopy Peace Lily?This is a page about droopy peace lily. Even an easy to grow houseplant like the peace lily can have reactions to less than ideal conditions.


Tips of Avocado Tree Branches Turning Black - blackened branches

Tips of Avocado Tree Branches Turning Black?Avacado trees can be easy to grow but they can sometimes have problems. This page has advice about the tips of an avocado tree branches turning black.



Cutting Back Perennials in the FallThis is a page about cutting back perennials in the fall. Deciding whether to cut or not to cut back your perennials in the fall can be perplexing. There are pros and cons to either option.


Plant Hardiness Zones

USDA Plant Hardiness ZonesThis page is about USDA plant hardiness zones. Understanding the difference in growing zones can help you make good choices when planting and maintaining your yard and garden.


Rectangular Cactus Terrarium

Converting an Aquarium into a TerrariumThis page is about converting an aquarium into a terrarium. When your fish tank is worn out or you do not need it anymore, recycle it into a controlled environment for plants or reptiles.


Hedge Apples

What Are Hedge Apples Good For?This is a page about what hedge apples are good for. The hedge apple or Osage orange may look like an orange but it is actually a member of the mulberry family. While many people claim that they are a good natural pest repellent, it is only in concentrated amounts that it is effective. It is generally not eaten by people or wildlife.


Gravel Driveway

Preventing and Killing Weeds in GravelThis page is about preventing and killing weeds in gravel. Weeds will take root where ever they can; even in gravel.


dog peeing on grass

Fixing Grass Damaged By Dog Pee?This is a page about fixing grass damaged by dog pee. Excessive dog urine can cause brown spots on your lawn.


A nest with 5 finch eggs.

How Often Do Finches Lay Eggs?Finches will generally lay one egg each morning until their nest is full, usually 6 eggs. They will fill the nest again a couple of weeks after the chicks have fledged. This page discusses how often finches lay eggs?


Lemon Tree

Keeping Spider Mites Off a Lemon Tree?This page is about keeping spider mites off a lemon tree. Keep it in good health with proper food, water, and fresh air, trees can last for many years.



Getting Rid Of Honeysuckle Without Chemicals?Eradicate this invasive plant without using Roundup or other harsh chemical herbicides. This is a page about getting rid of honeysuckle without chemicals.



Eucalyptus Branches

Starting Eucalyptus from a Cutting?This page is about starting eucalyptus from a cutting. Although usually started from seed, rooting can be a challenge with this kind of woody plant.


Photo taken staring up at a large willow tree.

Removing a Willow Tree?This page is about removing a willow tree. A tenacious, deciduous tree that thrives when lots of moisture is available.


Growing Poinsettia

Growing PoinsettiaThis is a page about growing poinsettia. The Christmas holidays are the time that big box stores, nurseries, and a variety of other stores are filled with beautiful poinsettias. Although generally grown as a houseplant, in the right climate they can be planted outside.


Insect Problems on Houseplants

Solutions for Insect Pests on HouseplantsInsects and mites can appear on houseplants at any time of the year and they are not always easy to see. This page contains solutions for insect pests on houseplants.


Small aloe plant in a green pot.

How to Give an Aloe Plant as a GiftAloe vera is a great plant for gifting due to its growth of new baby plants. Potting the pups in their own containers provides new plants for your home or to gift to friends and family. This is a page about how to give an aloe plant as a gift.


Red Briers

Getting Rid of BriersThis is a page about getting rid of briers. Tackling those thorny areas of the yard can be a real challenge. Wild roses and berries grow fast in the spring and summer.


A man cutting down a tree.

Selling Trees on Your Land for LumberIf you own acres or even a larger residential lot you may have trees that you would like to have removed and be able to sell for the lumber. This is a page about selling trees on your land for lumber.


Pomegranates on a Tree

Growing PomegranatesThis is a page about growing pomegranates. If you live in the right area a pomegranate tree can be a wonderful addition to your garden. These delectable fruit will be great to enjoy with your family and friends.


Bundles of lavender hanging upside down to dry against a wooden background

Uses for Dried LavenderThis is a page about uses for dried lavender. Lavender's lovely scent makes it a sought after perennial flower that, in its dry state, can be used in many ways.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Dies When Put in Gear?This page is about riding mower dies when put in gear. It can be difficult to determine why your lawn mower motor is not running right.


Photo of a lawn edger.

Edging Your LawnThis page is about edging your lawn. Using the best tools can help save you time when trimming the edges of your lawn.


Collard Greens growing

Growing Collard GreensThis page is about growing collard greens. This hearty, nutritious vegetable is a staple in the southern US, and has its best flavor after the first frost.


Selecting the Right Sized Containers for Growing Vegetables

Selecting the Right Sized Containers for...This is a page about selecting the right sized containers for growing vegetables. Choosing the right sized container for growing your veggies is important to the overall success of your harvest.



Growing Hydrangea from Seed?This page is about growing hydrangea from seed. These beautiful shrubs can be started from seed.


Growing Indian Corn

Growing Indian CornThis is a page about growing indian corn. If you can grow sweet corn, you should have no trouble growing beautifully colorful varieties of indian corn.



A garden bed made from an old blue bed.

Make a Garden "Bed" Out of an Old Bed FrameThis page is about how to make a garden "bed" out of an old bed frame. A bed frame can make a defined raised garden space, and look cute, too.


Flowering Basil

Preventing Basil From FloweringThis is a page about preventing basil from flowering. Once your basil begins to bloom it will stop producing all of those tasty leaves.


A large willow tree.

Solutions for a Willow Tree Planted Too Close to a...This page is about solutions for a willow tree planted too close to a home. These trees can create problems when planted too close to a structure or plumbing.


An amaryllis in bloom outdoors.

Getting an Amaryllis To Bloom Twice in One Season?This page is about getting an amaryllis to bloom twice in one season. Given the proper light, planting and temperature you may be able to see an amaryllis bloom again.


Christmas Cactus

Dividing and Repotting a Christmas Cactus?This is a page about dividing and repotting a Christmas cactus. If your Christmas cactus has outgrown its pot, one solution is to divide it and repot the plants. This is also a great way to make an inexpensive gift for someone special.


Spider Plants Outdoors

Can a Spider Plant Survive Winter Outdoors?While spider plants can generally spend the spring, summer, and early fall outside, surviving through the winter is less assured. Considerations such as lowest temperatures in your area, winter protection, and more can help predict their success outside during the colder months. This is a page about, "Can a spider plant survive winter outdoors?".


Succulent Plant Starter - bottle with leaves in place

Making a Succulent Plant StarterThose of us who grow succulents know that it is generally easy to start new plants from cuttings. This recycled soda bottle succulent plant starter is designed to also focus on starting new plants from individual leaves. The easy to follow instructions appear below.


Sweetgum Tree

Preventing a Sweetgum Tree From Making BallsSweetgum trees are a fall beauty with their variegated colorful leaves. However, for many homeowner's this display does not make up for the deluge of spiny seed pods that litter their yard. This is a page about preventing a sweetgum tree from making balls.


Bright pink roses growing outside.

Using Dawn Dish Soap to Treat Roses?Dawn dish soap is frequently used mixed with water to control aphids on many plants including roses. This is a page about using Dawn dish soap to treat roses.


Shredded Paper

How to Compost Shredded PaperOnce shredded, unglossy paper is a great addition to a compost pile, where moisture and worms will turn it into a rich soil addition. This is a page about how to compost shredded paper.


Closeup of Sweet Gum Tree leaves

Problems With A Sweet Gum Tree?Many yards contain sweet gum trees and they can have issues with pests and disease. This page contains advice about problems with a sweet gum tree.


Saving Money on Wild Birdseed, Blue Jay standing on a tree stumo eating birdseed

Saving Money on Wild BirdseedThis is a page about saving money on birdseed. Many people love to bird watch. Putting birdseed out in your yard will attract lots of birds, but if you use a lot of seed it can be quite costly.


Growing Tomatoes Upside Down

Growing Tomatoes Upside DownGrowing the tomato plant upside down makes the fruit much easier to pick. This is a page about growing tomatoes upside down.


Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus Left Outside in Freezing Weather?Despite its dead appearance a Christmas cactus left out in freezing weather may be able to be revived. The roots may still be alive. Bring inside and check out the advice on this page. This is a page about Christmas cactus left outside in freezing weather.


Cleaning Ficus leaves

Cleaning HouseplantsThis is a page about cleaning houseplants. The leaves of indoor potted plants can get very dusty and dingy looking if not cleaned off regularly. Cleaning your houseplants will help them grow happy and healthy.


Hard Boiled Eggs in pot on the stove.

Using Water from Hard Boiled Eggs for HouseplantsTake advantage of the minerals left in water that has been used to boil eggs. This page has information about using water from hard boiled eggs for houseplants.


Bright Green Bowling Ball

Crafts Using Bowling BallsThis is a page about crafts using bowling balls. You can create some decorative, unique crafts by working with an old bowling ball.


Photo of blackberries on the vine.

Getting Rid of Blackberry BushesThis is a page about getting rid of blackberry bushes. Blackberry bushes can grow very quickly in spring and summer and are very invasive. Even though the berries are edible and tasty, the bushes are very difficult to get rid of.


giant pumpkin

Growing Monster VegetablesThis is a page about growing monster vegetables. Prize winning monster sized vegetables are not that difficult to grow.


A woman watering a houseplant.

Identifying a HouseplantMany of us have picked up a houseplant at the store that was not labeled or have been given one as a gift. However, knowing what type of plant you have will help you ensure that you are giving it the best care.


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Sunflower Plants Growing Multiple Flowers Instead or One? The sunflowers grow tall and then the tops of the plant branch off and make several small flowers rather than one big one.


Rooting a Cactus Pad

Rooting a Cactus PadThis is a page about rooting a cactus pad. Many types of cactus propagate in nature by their ability to have a pad or segment grow into a new plant. You can do this too, at home, and increase your cactus garden plantings.


An avocado plant with dying leaves.

Leaves Dying on an Avocado PlantIf the leaves on your avocado plant are dying, it may be a sign of serious stress from something like a fungus or parasite. Leaves dying on an avocado plant is not a sign of good plant health.


Photo fo a spearmint plant.

Uses for SpearmintThis is a page about uses for spearmint. Spearmint has many culinary, herbal remedy, and other surprising uses.


greenish brown taller planter, tapered at base

Hypertufa Craft ProjectsThis is a page about hypertufa craft projects. This simple mixture of Portland cement with substances like perlite and peat moss makes porous artificial stone pots, planters, or garden art in any shape or size you can imagine.


Yorkshire Terrier peeing on grass

Protecting Your Lawn from Dog UrineThis is a page about protecting lawn from dog urine. Excessive amounts of dog urine in one area can damage your lawn.


Abandoned empty outdoor swimming pool filled with leaves

Turning a Swimming Pool Into a GardenThis is a page about turning a swimming pool into a garden. Old or unused in-ground pools can be filled and used as garden space.


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Transporting Seeds to the Philippines?My father in law would like to find out information about purchasing garden seeds in the U.S. and transporting them to the Philippines. He would like to grow American veggies and a greater range of flowers than are available there. Does anyone know what the customs requirements are for this area or have any experience with this?


Growing Tomato Slices

Growing Tomatoes From SlicesThis is a page about growing tomatoes from slices. Try this quick and easy way to plant tomato seeds from your store bought produce.


Cinder Block Step Planter - finished planter

Making a Cinder Block Step PlanterThis is a page about making a cinder block step planter. Cinder blocks are great containers for alkaline loving plants, and work well to create a layered planter.


A hornworm pest to tomatoes.

Preventing Grubs From Eating Tomatoes?Grubs can attack tomatoes as the result of two situations. They may be the larvae of moths or could be entering fruit that has split from excess moisture. Differing solutions exist for each cause. This is a page about preventing grubs from eating tomatoes.


Christmas Cactus Leaves

Christmas Cactus Not Blooming?Less water, reduced light, and cool temperatures are required for this lovely plant to bloom. Begin making these changes in the fall about 6-8 weeks before bloom time, causing the plant to enter a dormancy period. Once buds appear it can be moved to a sunnier location. This is a page about Christmas cactus not blooming.


Cut flowers in a vase.

Cut Flower Preservative RecipesThis is a page about cut flower preservation recipes. When you buy cut flowers they often come with a packet of preserver to add to the water. If displaying flowers from your garden you can make your own, using products found in your home.


cedar hedge with red leaf maples above

Planting a Cedar Hedge?This is a page about planting a cedar hedge. A cedar hedge is easy to grow and maintain. It also is a very effective privacy hedge and helps define small space gardens.


Christmas Cactus with Red Leaves and Red Flowers

Christmas Cactus with Red Leaves?This is a page about Christmas cactus with red leaves. If the leaves on your Christmas cactus have suddenly turned red, it could be an indication that it has placed somewhere with too much light. It may also be lacking the proper amount of nutrients. This type of cactus prefers low light and direct sunlight should be avoided.


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Berries on a Bradford Pear Tree?I have a Bradford Pear tree that's 13 years old. I cannot believe the thousands of berries falling off this tree since November until January, and still falling.


A hand holding a large hedge apple.

Can You Eat Hedge Apples?This is a page about whether you can eat hedge apples. Hedge apples are generally not considered edible. The juice inside the fruit and stem is a skin irritant. They do however make an interesting addition to home decor.


Deadheading a Hydrangea

Deadheading a HydrangeaThis is a page about deadheading a hydrangea. Deadheading, unlike pruning, involves just removing the faded, withered blooms on your hydrangea plant.


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Hiding a Compost Pile?My new neighbors just cut down 3 pine trees that were on the border of my property. I kept my compost pile there. There was just enough sun and shade for good breakdown and it was nicely hidden. Well to say the least, we are exposed to the world now. And I am not too happy I might add.


Homemade Wild Bird Food

Homemade Wild Bird FoodThis is a page about homemade wild bird food. Blending your own wild bird feed for the visitors to your yard, can save you money.


Pine Cones

Getting Seeds From Pine ConesGrow your own pine tree from seed and make the world a greener place. This page is about how to harvest pine seeds (also known as pine nuts) from the pine cone for planting.


Potted Rose Bush

Potted Rose Bush Losing It's LeavesPotted roses require the same type of care as their cousins out in the garden. A common cause of leaf drop is improper watering. This is a page about potted rose bush losing it's leaves.


Tree stump in a yard.

Planting After Removing Pine Trees?The soil where the pine trees grew will be acidic. Acid soil loving plants such as blueberries and azaleas could go right in. If you have other plants in mind a pH test is probably in order. This is a page about planting after removing pine trees.


stevia plant

Feeding Plants VitaminsThis is a page about feeding plants vitamins. Some gardeners use expired vitamins for their plants.


Making a Compost Bin

Making a Compost BinThis is a page about making a compost bin. You can easily and inexpensively make your own backyard compost bin, it need not be an expensive commercial model.


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How to Keep Branches from Growing Back?I need to know how to keep branches from growing back after I trim them.


Zucchini Growing

Zucchini Rotting on the VinePoor pollination or a lack of calcium can result in zucchini fruit rotting before it's ready to harvest. This page has advice about how to solve common problems that result in zucchini rotting on the vine.


A seedling pot made from phone book pages.

Seedling Pots From Phone Book PagesAlthough they are fast becoming a thing of the past phone books are still distributed in many areas. Their pages can be formed into very good seedling pots. There are several tips on making these paper pots found below.


Pear Tree

Caring for a Pear TreeThis is a page about caring for a pear tree. Growing your own fruit trees can be very rewarding, but there may be questions and concerns on appropriate care along the way.


Greenhouse in a garden.

Building a Pole Barn Greenhouse?Building your own greenhouse is a fun project that can be tailored to meet your budget and gardening needs. The pole barn style is an easy one to work with. This is a page about building a pole barn greenhouse.


get the roots

Removing Blackberries Without HerbicidesIn some parts of the country wild blackberries can be very invasive, and difficult to get rid of without chemicals. This is a page about removing blackberries without herbicides.


Close up of a hibiscus flower and leaves, some yellow

Hibiscus Leaves Turning YellowThis is a page about hibiscus leaves turning yellow. Yellowing leaves on a plant can indicate a number of issues. Identifying the cause will allow you to treat your plant.


Christmas Cactus

Starting a Christmas Cactus from CuttingsThis is a page about starting a Christmas cactus from cuttings. Many plants are easy to start from cuttings and the Christmas cactus is one of these.


Cowboy boot bird house.

Making a Bird House from a Shoe or BootOld boots and shoes can be repurposed into fun and useful bird houses. Not only do they provide a housing option for your backyard birds, but they are also a cute bit of garden decor. This is a page about making a bird house from a shoe or boot.


Gloved hand using a spray bottle to spray a week growing in a driveway crack

Using Bleach as a Weed Killer?Some homeowners prefer to use household products to get rid of weeds, rather than buy a commercial weed killer. This is a page about using bleach as a weed killer.


Grow a Rose Cutting in a Potato cutting in a small potato

Growing a Rose Cutting in a PotatoOne way to propagate a rose bush cutting is by inserting it into a potato. The potato offers moisture and nutrients for the cutting until it can establish a root system.


An orange tree with oranges and green leaves.

Oranges Falling Prematurely from Tree?Oranges can fall off of the tree prematurely for a number of reasons, including moisture issues, temperature changes, and fertilizer needs. However, they may just be ripe or just near. This page has some useful information if you are growing oranges.


Orchid Leaves Turning Brown - orchid in pot

Orchid Leaves Turning Brown?When the leaves on your orchid begin to turn brown, you need to determine the cause so that you can correct it. This is a page about orchid leaves turning brown.


What Is Eating My Pepper Plant Leaves?

Something Is Eating My Pepper PlantsMany insects and other critters enjoy the vegetables in our garden as much as we do. This is a page about something is eating my pepper plants.


Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

Crepe Myrtle Not BloomingThis page is about crepe myrtle not blooming. Crepe myrtle likes full sun, but in drought conditions or even when it's rainy, the flowering may be delayed.


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Several used tea bags next to a package of sunflower seeds.

Used Tea Bag to Sprout SeedsRemove the staple and string and snip a tiny hole in your used tea bags and place your seeds inside. Keep moist and in a few days your seed will sprout. From there, you can place in a small pot or directly into your garden. No need to remove the bag. It will protect the young root from any disturbance and pests and break down naturally.


Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak - tall poison ivy plant

Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison OakI learned something new. My daughter and I took a stroll on a farm path down by the woods. As we were walking, I noticed a tree that had a limb, about head high, that was filled with pretty leaves with small white clusters of flowers.


Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the Garden

Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the GardenAlthough moles don't eat plants, they can damage the roots of plants and lead to their decay by digging numerous canals in the ground. There are many natural ways you can drive moles out of your garden. These are some of them.


A bag of potting soil, seedlings in plastic containers and a nursery tray with TP tubes

Toilet Paper Rolls for SeedlingsI had been saving all sorts of toilet paper rolls - I think mainly it was a habit from when we used to have a fireplace. This spring when I decided to start my seedlings I realized I could make life a lot easier for myself if I just started the seeds in the toilet paper rolls!


Vertical Gardening in Pots

Vertical Gardening in PotsAt the beginning of the season I select one plant of each type at a nearby nursery. I cut off each stem about an inch from the bottom. I cut all but the top 2 leaves off of each stem and place the stems in various sized jars of water to root. In a week or two the roots grow long enough to plant them in pots. By this time the original plants have grown up once again and are blooming.


Cause of Multiple Sunflowers on a Single Stalk

Cause of Multiple Sunflowers at the Top of a Single Stalk?I planted mammoth sunflower seeds and they turned out spectacular. The last few remaining blooms are on their last stages and I have one where the stalk's upper portion is enlarged and currently supporting 5 heads of flowers. Two are only 3/4 the size of the big ones and are opposite of each other. The 3 smaller ones are on top as the pictures show.


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Upcycled Soda Bottle as Hanging Planter

Upcycled Soda Bottle as Hanging PlanterThis eco-friendly soda bottle hanging planter is simple to make and is a cute way to hang plants from your front porch. Check out this video for the step by step instructions.


Fixing Engine Stall on Gas Powered Trimmer

Fixing Engine Stall on Gas Powered TrimmerIf your gas powered trimmer is having trouble running when you turn the choke off after starting it, this tip may help you. Check out how we fixed this problem.


Recycled Self Watering Container for Indoor Plants

Recycled Self Watering Container for Indoor...This is a great way to make a self watering container using recycled materials. Learn how to make one in this short video.


Toilet Paper Tube Seedling PotsEvery household has plenty of TP tubes. They make great seedling pots, so why not reuse some of them instead of recycling them. Learn how to make these cute and effective pots in this short video.


Cinder Block Planter

Making a Cinder Block PlanterThis video shows an easy way to make a layered planter with cinder blocks.


Cork Plant Marker

Making Cork Plant MarkersThis is a quick video showing you the easy steps to making a cork plant marker.


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Keeping Squirrels Off Bird FeedersTake a very long sheet of tinfoil and crunch it up. Carefully pull it out into a long length, gently twisting it as you go. It should start looking like a very long, round, thick, silver snake.


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Five Benefits of Self Watering PotsSelf-watering pots, also known as sub-irrigation planters, offer several advantages for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Here are five benefits of using self-watering pots:


Prevent Soil Leakage from Pots

Prevent Soil Leakage from PotsHere's a quick and easy method to avoid soil leakage from your pots. All you'll need are a few supplies - your pot of choice, grab any mesh netting scraps (I utilized leftover galvanized mesh netting) and some hot glue.


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Vertical GardensCreating a vertical garden is a great way to maximize space and add a unique touch to your home. Here's a tip for setting up a vertical garden:



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Zucchini Buds Falling Off?I have two zucchini plants planted in a single 5 gallon pot. They seem healthy overall and I even harvested one fruit this season. But all remaining fruit buds that are forming on the plants are turning yellow, becoming limp and falling off even before they blossom (flowers don't open).


Identifying White Grapelike Eggs?

Identifying White Grapelike Eggs?These eggs are on all my azaleas front yard bushes. Some appear as though they've Hatched. I live in Massachusetts


A Mallard egg in the grass.

Why Is One Mallard Egg Out Of The Nest?A mallard laid 10 eggs in my yard. She has been sitting on them for almost a month, leaving a short period of time in the morning and again early evening. This morning, 1 of the eggs was approximately 6 feet away from the nest. We have Muscovy ducks in the neighborhood that frequent our yard, including mother, father, and 3 ducklings.


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Indoor Sunstar Plant?I have a new Sunstar plant and I want to put it in my office at work but I don't have a window in my office. Can my plant survive without sunlight every day?


What Is This Plant?Please help identify this plant. It grows long stems with spotted leaf. There is usually one or two that grow very tall but then the stem splits and then dies. This process repeats. How do I keep the stems from splitting? I feel like this is a type of lily pad and meant to be in water'.


An African violet in a pot.

African Violet Not Blooming?Repotted my African Violet over a year ago and it has not bloomed since then. How do I get it to bloom again?


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